What we do

Working in partnership with local authorities, Balfour Beatty Living Places provide highways maintenance, street lighting and public realm services.

We improve every day through engaging with our customers, investing in our people and using the latest technology to create positive, more efficient long-term outcomes – ultimately creating communities where people want to live, work and play.

Our solutions include consultancy, finance, design and maintenance of the entire streetscape. We’re shaping places, creating economic growth and meeting the needs of a changing society.

  • Highways maintenance

    Our expert approach to highways maintenance means we do more than fix potholes and make sure the streetlights are on when they should be. Collaborating with our customers, we manage their budgets through forward planning and conduct regular surveys of all highways’ assets.

    This allows us to capture information on their current condition and monitor how their condition develops, while ensuring that the public can continue their day-to-day lives with minimal disruption.

  • CCTV

    Balfour Beatty Living Places act as an essential point of contact for the Police, monitoring CCTV on behalf of Southampton City Council to support the emergency services in keeping the city safe through real time alerts and liaison.

    Our 14-strong team not only monitor the roads across the City via the operation’s 400 cameras but are also tasked with monitoring the events of the City, identifying, and alerting the local authorities to incidents ranging from traffic issues and shoplifting to anti-social behaviour and knife crime.

  • Street lighting

    Street lighting is a key community asset. It helps to keep people and property safe and is vital to economic activity out with daylight hours. It also represents a significant cost to local authorities for whom we have a proven track record of developing long-term solutions that reduce costs and improve the overall standard of lighting.

    From the initial design of a street lighting system and throughout its operation, our strategy is focussed on sustainable outcomes such as turning the lights off during off-peak hours to reduce energy costs. We also install innovative energy efficient products such as LED lamps and use technology to monitor their performance and plan the efficient delivery of maintenance.

  • Public spaces

    We create flexible and dynamic environments that local communities can safely enjoy.

    We are right at the heart of a vital place-shaping agenda that brings together local authorities, local communities, central Government and the private sector. Our projects are geared towards community need, economic growth and sustainability.

  • Electric vehicle charging points

    Through Urban Fox, the electric vehicle chargepoint operator, we provide local authorities with a whole life solution to near-home EV charging infrastructure: funding, installing, operating and maintaining a range of slow, fast and rapid on-street and car park chargepoints from Urban Electric Networks and a range of other market-leading manufacturers. This includes Urban Fox’s innovative 7kW on-street retractable chargepoint which is the first of its kind to the market.

    Urban Fox is a partnership between Balfour Beatty Investments, the international infrastructure operator, and Urban Electric Networks, a British EV charge point operating company.

  • Asset management

    Working collaboratively with our local highway authority customers, we deliver integrated infrastructure solutions, including highway asset management services for public realm, highway maintenance and street lighting PFI contracts across the UK.

    Using a strategic and tactical approach, we consider the whole lifecycle of an asset and provide condition and performance monitoring to help keep our customers informed and support their decision-making.

  • Design

    To meet the demands and expectations of our customers, we provide future-ready and outcome-driven services through our ‘Digital by Design’ approach, offering integrated infrastructure solutions.

    We do this by using innovative technologies such as; laser scanning, BIM Field 360, ELGiN Live Mapping, animated videos and Big Data.

    Tapping into a vast pool of expertise from across the wider Balfour Beatty Group, we remain at the forefront of technological advancements, which allows us to continually improve quality, efficiency and drive improvements in our service delivery.

  • Capital schemes

    We place a strong emphasis on collaboration by working closely with designers and supply chain partners, harnessing their expertise and knowledge to deliver integrated infrastructure solutions for sustainable projects in infrastructure, transport and surfacing projects.

    We also actively engage with local communities to ensure our projects align with their needs and aspirations, fostering a sense of ownership and pride within the community which we work.