Community engagement

Delivering lasting social benefits for the communities we work in has long been embedded in how Balfour Beatty operates.

From regenerating communities to driving employment and training opportunities and supporting small, local supply chain partners, we help build new futures.

When we launched our Building New Futures Sustainability Strategy in 2020, we set out to create £3 billion of social value by 2030. We are now on course to achieve this target five years ahead of schedule and have brought forward our target accordingly to 2025.

Having made significant advances on how we deliver social value since 2020 we have recently established our UK Regional Social Impact team. This team, which is aligned to the regions set out in the UK National TOMS framework, support our projects to create and deliver a social value offering that is tailored to the diverse needs of the communities we work in and delivers improvements that make the most impact. Where we have major projects with the scale and ambition to deliver larger social value programmes, we have expert resources in place to support and drive the delivery of these programmes.

As we look beyond our 2025 target, and with the social value that we create today being largely driven by the local economic value we generate through supply chain spend and the employment opportunities we provide, we will be increasing our focus on better quantifying and increasing the positive impact we have on individuals, communities and the environment.

Our targets

Case studies

Weston Foreshore

Balfour Beatty Living Places, Southampton City Council and our supply chain partners collaboratively delivered the Weston Foreshore project within a SCAPE framework.

The project delivered a 140m rock revetment valued at £1 million. The team embraced the whilst they undertook the vital repairs to protect the foreshore for 50 years. They, along with their partners, volunteered 121 hours of time. Additionally, they donated £4,442.45 in equipment and resources to the area. Moreover, they supported the local secondary school, teaching future STEM pioneers.

The project focused on community engagement, health and safety performance, and social value. It aimed to leave a positive, lasting legacy in the community.

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Weston Foreshore coastal protection work
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    ¹ Measured against a 2021 baseline