Generate Zero Waste

Reducing the amount of waste our contracts generate, recovering materials and properly managing the waste we do create has long been a priority for Balfour Beatty Living Places.

We are proud of our track record, but our aim is to go further and to do more.

In support of the wider Balfour Beatty Group’s 2040 ambition to Generate Zero Waste, we’ll be working with our partners right from the start of every new contract to make sure we’re looking for solutions that generate zero waste through design and construction. If this is not possible, our priority will be to maximise the value of materials throughout their lifecycle.

Case studies

Using sustainable materials

On our Spencer Road Project in Southampton, we used Hydraulically Bonded Material (HBM), an aggregate which hardens chemically with water, to provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to full depth carriageway reconstruction.  

This approach enables us to dig down to a shallower depth of 275mm, compared to the traditional reconstruction approach of 700mm; generating a significant carbon saving of over 1,500kg and allowing us to divert 1,463 tonnes of waste material from landfill.  This method has also improved safety by eliminating the potential of service strikes due to minimising the depth to which we need to excavate.

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