Northamptonshire County Council PFI street lighting contract

In 2011, we signed a 25 year contract with Northamptonshire County Council that will see the installation of c.40,000 new streetlights.


street lights replaced or upgraded

25 year

street lighting contract

In the first five years of the contract, we carried out replacement works for most of the existing lighting infrastructure. The repair and maintenance of all the County’s lighting columns will stretch for the full 25 year period.

Northamptonshire’s lighting design is driven by energy savings, which has seen the use of a dimmed Cosmo lamp with the Phillips Iridium family lantern at P6 lighting standard; coupled with solar powered bollards and a CMS control system. This has allowed us to save c.60% of the energy used before the PFI.

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Northamptonshire roundabout street lighting